Christmas Gifts for your Teenage Children

I recently asked my 16 and 18 year old children what they would like for Christmas.  Their response, “I don’t know. “  I’ve actually heard this response for the past couple of years.  I find getting stuff for teenagers is the absolute hardest.  So to me, the perfect gift you can give a teenager is an experience.

I believe children gain valuable life lessons when placed in certain situations that nudge them out of their comfort zones; aka their bedrooms. We all know that teenagers can be somewhat moody every now and then, so in order to plan the successful experience have them help plan the adventure.  Give them the budget and have them do the research on the options available.  I have found that my teenagers are amazing at coming up and planning these trips.  You can even set down some guidelines such as:

  •   Do something we’ve never done before
  •   We have to eat at a sit down restaurant with white linen table clothes and sip tea with our pinky up
  •   We have to volunteer as a family one day
  •   We have to visit an art gallery, museum, or see a Broadway show
  •   One day have no plans at all 

In order for our children to soar in this world we have to give them the tools to succeed.  One of the ways to help them succeed is to give them experiences.

Happy and Safe Travels Everyone

Warren, AR
Muri Woods Beach, CA
South Padre Island